LOCATE Bonded Labourers

  • We demand that state governments carry out bonded labour surveys. Bandhua 1947 partners can do this alongside government officials in ten pilot districts, and if successful, this model can be rolled out nationwide.

PUNISH the Operators of the Bonded Labour System

  • We demand that after the official release of bonded labourers, district officials must promptly file complaints against those operating bonded labour systems and seek swift prosecution.
  • We demand separate fast-track courts for human trafficking cases.
  • We demand that cases are filed under all relevant Acts along with the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976.

FIGHT Bonded Labour

  • We demand states create action plans with a dedicated IAS officer appointed to tackle bonded labour.
  • We demand that state governments create active and functional Vigilance Committees in every district, which meet a minimum of two times every year, and do the work mandated by the BLSA.

REHABILITATE Bonded Labourers

  • We demand that all identified bonded labourers are given release certificates within 24 hours and minimum amount of Rs 20,000 within 3 months. All pending money must be distributed immediately. 
  • We demand an increase of money for freed bonded labourers to reflect current living standards, and the revised figure should then be indexed to inflation. 
  • We demand the government converge the social welfare schemes critical for rehabilitation of released bonded labourers and make them easily accessible through a single-window process


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