Bonded labour is a human rights violation that is prohibited under the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976. Under this system, a person takes a debt or cash advance and works for the creditor in an attempt to pay him back. Victims generally lose at least one of the following rights: freedom of movement, employment, right to be paid minimum wages and the right to sell goods at market value.


Bandhua in Hindi means 'bondage'. 1947 marks the year of independence in India. The "Bandhua 1947" campaign, therefore, talks about the sad reality that while India has been a free nation for over 65 years, there are still millions who are 'bandhua' (under bondage). The name of the campaign presents the challenge of creating that moment of independence in the lives of those in bondage today.

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Bandhua 1947 is a national-level campaign in India aimed at mobilising people to advocate with their governments to protect millions currently vulnerable to bonded labour and fight for their rights.

​​Bandhua 1947 Campaign